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All You Need to Know About “JAMB Transfer Approval” For Candidates Who Are Unable to Meet Post-UTME Cutoff Marks

Admission seekers, especially their parents are always worried about what’s the next thing if a candidate does not meet the cutoff marks after being screened for post UTME, or after writing a Post UTME Test. JAMB designed a system to answer this question, and it is being managed by the school that offers admissions to candidates, this system is called the JAMB Transfer Approval System, and that is what I’ll be explaining in detail in this blog post. Do well to read to the end.

JAMB Transfer Approval System

Candidates who are unable to meet up with the post UTME cutoff marks are being offered a new course via a system called transfer approval on JAMB CAPS. The transfer system is designed by JAMB (as a component of JAMB CAPS – Central Admission Processing System) to allow the school to offer a new course to a candidate who does not meet the cutoff mark, it is an automatic process, done based on the candidate’s score and available spaces after those who met the cutoff mark has been offered admission, as such, candidates do not need to take special action except to accept or reject the new course when offered. Most schools employ this system, some examples are OAU, UNILAG, UNILORIN and recently UI. To know if you have been offered a new course, You will need to visit JAMB CAPS portal and click on “Transfer Approval Section”. If there is a new course, you are expected to accept the course so that the school can start processing your admission to it. This is explained further below.

Some Schools require you to Apply Before Being Reconsidered for Admission

Unlike some schools that directly offer candidates a new course when they are a few marks away from the cut-off mark, schools like DELSU does not offer a compensation course or outright program transfer. What DELSU does is advertise the remaining programs after those who met the cutoff marks have been admitted. Admission is done based on how good your score is to the cutoff of the course, this implies that only those who have the score or above the cutoff will stand a chance. After the application, screening will be done based on the scores on merit, meaning that the higher your score, the higher your chance of being offered a new course if you apply. Once your change is approved, you will be notified and have to change your course to the new course on JAMB portal.

Some Schools Offers No Compensation Course

Although there is transfer system, some schools will not offer you a new course when you don’t meet their post UTME cutoff marks. An example is FUOYE. While many students are admitted via transfer approval each month year, many lose admission to it too, because they did not know they have been transferred. Additionally, please note that although you may pass the post UTME, but just not meet the cutoff, not all those who are in this condition can be transferred, due to limited admission spaces in various departments, and the way the system works, you may apply for Nursing and be transferred to a department in science or agriculture for instance, Food Science and Technology, Animal Science, Microbiology etc. So, where you can be transferred to is unpredictable, hence, if you’re not ready to give up on your goal, you can accept the new course and do JAMB again, or reject the new course and do JAMB again.

Should I Change Course After I’m Transferred?

While this is a controversial question, the correct answer is you can change your course immediately you accept the new course, or wait till you’re admitted for the new course. This means there’s no problem or penalty, if you wait till you are finally admitted into the new course, before visiting a CBT center for change of course. One important thing to note here is that, if you did not change the course immediately and the new course admission status enters AIP (Admission in Progress), you won’t be able to change the course again until you’re admitted. Still, it’s not a problem. But can you not do the change of course at all after you’re admitted? No, that’s not possible because you won’t be able to print JAMB admission letter, if you don’t change to the new course.

How Long Does it Take to Be Admitted After JAMB Transfer

This depends on when you accept the transfer, and your school. The ranges we have noticed is from 5 days to 1 month, and in some cases, more than that. One thing for sure is that you’ll be admitted once you are transferred, and you accepted the transfer.

How to Access and Accept Transfer Approval Section on JAMB CAPs

Before you begin this process, we advise you use a LAPTOP, do not use your phone, because the page you are going to may not load fully on phone. Also, don’t rush and follow this instructions step by step.

Login using your JAMB email and password
Click on “Check Admission Status”
Confirm the examination year, and your registration number, then click on “ACCESS MY CAPS”
On the CAPs page, click on “Transfer Approval”


If there’s a new course, decide to accept or reject. On acceptance, the school will begin processing your admission into the new course. Other things you can check on the CAPS page include your admission status, and your O’level or A’level results.

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I’m Unable to Login to JAMB CAPS

In cases where you’re unable to login to JAMB CAPS to check your transfer approval or admission status, maybe due to incorrect login details, we can assist you if you send us a message or try to visit a CBT center for checking or email linking. CBT centers can login to your JAMB profile using your JAMB registration number or profile code.

Is it Possible to be Transferred More Than Once?

Yes, definitely. While this doesn’t occur naturally, there are instances where candidates are transferred twice. For example, in case of transfer request: it is possible a student request to be transferred to another course, even if he/she has been transferred to a course before but hasn’t accepted it. This requires the go ahead of the higher-ups, but can also occur naturally, if there’s a mistake in the initial transfer, if the initial transfer course does not have space again at the time the candidate accepted it, or if there is a new course that just got approved during the admission period.

JAMB Transfer Approval Page
JAMB Transfer Approval Page

I Can’t See Anything on the Transfer Page

If you see “No program transfer consideration!”, it means either your school has not started the transfer process, transfer does not concern you because you met the cutoff mark or you are not eligible to be transferred. I should mention here that you have to pass the post UTME with a good score in order to be transferred. Also, for schools that offer pre-degree programmes, pre-degree students who passed the pre-degree but were unable to meet the cutoff for the department they applied for are most times, or even always considered for JAMB transfer approval in addition to normal post UTME applicants. Wishing you the best.

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We hope this guide has been helpful so far on this subject matter, if you have any questions, type it in the comments section and you’ll receive a response once I see it. Cheers!

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