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How to Pass JAMB UTME 2024 in Flying Colours

I know you have searched online, and asked different people this same question, of course, each will give you different answers based on their perspective, even someone who has not done UTME before, an aspirant like you will have a say, now I will tell you some things which can assist you to pass JAMB UTME 2024 in flying colours. Let’s ride on.

  • Be Prepared
  • Zero Your Mind
  • Read the Right Materials
  • You May Attend Tutorials
  • Use the Right Tools

Be Prepared

When we are talking about preparation, an adage says; “Proper preparation prevents poor performance, ask yourself if you are really stable, emotionally, mentally and physically to write this exam or you just want to write for writing sake. You might have written this examination before and didn’t get enough to move you to where you want to be, but you have to know that failure at times means our preparation or knowledge is not enough, we need to learn more and try again.

If people like us who did it like 4 times, even some did it six times can be able to eventually pass and get our desired course, then you can too. Having a good determination to do well, or move on will assist you in other steps you need to take towards this success. So, friend, don’t fret!

Zero Your Mind!

Yes, Zero Your Mind. I mean you need to clear some misconceptions from your mind. One is that there is nothing like JAMB Upgrade or JAMB EXPO, anyone who promises you this is trying to do two things, one is to mislead you or prevent you from preparing well and the second is to go away with your money, many of them are online, faceless. So, basically, there is no one to help you, except yourself.

This aspect also involves setting your focus, know that it is this examination and nothing else, and engaging in other activities or work may reduce your study time and you will end up not have covered enough by the time the examination will come around. In essence, you have to invest your time and resources toward success.

Read the Right Materials

Now, let’s start working. One of the reasons students fail is reading the wrong material, just like a university student reading textbooks when the lecturer will actually take questions from the slides he shared in class. As far as JAMB is concerned, the first is to get the JAMB Syllabus and make a plan on the best way to cover as much as possible if you can’t cover everything. For English, the same text, The Life Changer is being used for Use of English.

For Science Students, we recommend the following materials:

However, you can select the best combination you want from the above list and use it alongside JAMB past Questions.

For Literature students, JAMB recently announced that new texts have been introduced for language subjects, you can check this link to know more about this.

If you don’t have the right materials, go to a bookshop to buy, or Admission Companion Store to download the PDF or borrow, or collect from those who have but are not using it, don’t be afraid to ask fam!

You Can Attend Tutorials

When it comes to studying for a big examination like UTME, we can say attending tutorials not only boost your knowledge but also exposes you to a wide range of information, keep you updated with the situation of things as regards the exam and also meet and discuss with like minds. However, there are some people who prefer to study alone or privately with a personal tutor because it improves their assimilation level.

The onus is on you to find and use the best plan for yourself, if you think a tutorial may waste your time or you are not getting enough, even if it is free, switch to a better one. At this point, we can also recommend that you join Explicit Online Tutorials, the online tutorial is flexible, success centre, and has produced numerous students who have scored 300+ in the previous JAMB UTME. You can click here to join their Telegram Group for free.

Use the Right Tools

Tools basically are the software that enables you to learn apart from your books, if you are not familiar with the use of CBT, then you need to learn as soon as possible, like proper use of a mouse which is what you will use to pick answers.

Another important tool is the JAMB Eligibility checker, it allows you to confirm if you have chosen the right subject combination or have the right O’level requirement for your desired programme. (Note: if the eligibility link shows error, click on ”advanced” > continue anyway)

There are also numerous JAMB Practice Apps that you can use to test your preparation level. Another thing is doing JAMB Mock Exam, although the score is not added to the main result, it allows you to have that examination feeling and see what to expect, in fact, it may open your eye to those topics you didn’t take note of before.

Has this article been useful to you? Some other interesting tips are in the recommended articles below, click on each link to read.

JAMB Preparatory Tools

Myschool JAMB CBT Mobile App for Android phones allows you to prepare for JAMB UTME without stress through JAMB Mock exam simulation. It contains over 60,000 JAMB past questions and answers to help you get adequate preparation for the exam. So help yourself by downloading it here and you can reach out to us to get your activation code. Do not let your mates leave you behind. You can also get the system version here.

Bonus Tip

We have a video that also explains How to study smarter to Pass Your exams. Enjoy it below

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