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7 Important Things to Do Before Writing OAU Post UTME This Year

As the saying goes, proper preparation presents poor performance, this preparation has to be early and smart too. The OAU Post UTME is one of the most interesting Post UTME Tests to write in Nigeria and in this blog post, I’ll be taking you through 7 important things you must do before writing OAU Post UTME Test.

The Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, Osun State is one of the most popular University Campus in Nigeria. Popularly known as “Africa’s most beautiful campus” and with the popular motto “for learning and culture, sports and struggle”, located in the popular city of Ile-Ife and boasted of about 35000 students. Gaining admission to the school, especially the highly sought courses is survival of the fittest, but one good thing is that admission is on merit and you actually don’t need to know anyone before you enter. So, let’s dive into the main discussion. Here are the 7 things you should check if you’re considering studying in OAU.

1. Check Last Year Cutoff Marks for OAU Admission

For the past 2 years, OAU has been merging 2 admission sets together, and this was due to the fact that previous unforeseen breaks like Corona break and ASUU strike has affected the admission window of the school, this has had a significant effect on the number of students being admitted, and the departmental cutoff marks also.

In the last admission year, two sets of students (2020/2021, 2021/2022) were admitted each with their cutoff marks and termed Batches A and B. This admission year also, 2022/2023 students (Batch A) have been offered admission and awaiting resumption, while 2023/2024 students will write post UTME in 2023, these sets will be referred to as “Batch B” students, although both batches will resume the same academic year.

The cutoff marks used to admit the last set of students can be found in the link given below:

Read: OAU Departmental 2022/2023 Cutoff Marks

Additionally, you should ensure you reconfirm with JAMB ibass brochure to know if you’re applying with the correct JAMB subject combination.

2. Calculate Your OAU Aggregate Score

The next thing to do is to calculate your aggregate score. The aggregate score is the cumulative of your UTME, O’level and Post UTME (although you haven’t done that), yet, you should know your stand regarding gaining admission to the school and how much score you need to meet and pass the last cutoff mark. How to calculate aggregate score including the nature of OAU Post UTME is extensively discussed in the link given below:

Read: How to Calculate OAU Post UTME and Predegree Aggregate Score

3. Get Necessary Materials

When we’re talking about writing post UTME, the role of preparing with the necessary and right materials cannot be left out. These include textbooks, summaries, and past questions. You’ll be writing a 40-question exam which will be set from the whole syllabus of the subjects relevant to you.

Textbooks like Today’s Physics, Science Physics, All Inclusive Calculations in Physics, Dandy English, Lamlad Chemistry, Hidden Facts in Mathematics, Lamlad Mathematics, Lamlad Biology, Idodo Umeh College Biology, New School Physics, Essential Government, Essential Literature can assist your preparation as some of them also contain practice questions and answers.

The OAU Post UTME past questions however, are to assist you in knowing the way questions are being set, so that you know the right way of choosing the answers, you’re however not expected to cram them, but to use as guidelines. Additionally, you can take a look at OAU Predegree Past Questions as they are also a good resource to use while preparing for Post UTME also.

OAU campus

4. Enroll for Post UTME Tutorials

Recommended but not compulsory because everyone is not a tutorial person, if you can read on your own fine but going to a tutorial can help you see how others are studying and what’s working for them, be taught by seasoned tutors who know how the post UTME works, connect with fellow aspirants and can also improve your chance of gaining admission. One tutorial we can recommend in this regard is explicit online tutorials, they’ve produced numerous successful students including highest scorers in UTME in the last exam and you can join from anywhere in Nigeria since it’s online. Alternatively, if you’re considering coming to Ile-Ife to prepare, you can visit Dave Imperial Tutorials who has also produced numerous successful students including one that scored 40/40 in Post UTME.

5. Upload Your O’level Results to JAMB Portal

The next thing to do, is to upload your O’level results to your JAMB portal. Although some aspirants do say they’ve uploaded during registration, however, it do happen that this result didn’t eventually show on JAMB CAPs when it’s activated, or they have not even uploaded but thought so. Hence it is important you upload your results to JAMB as you won’t be offered admission without this. O’level result uploading is available throughout the admission period. You can consult us at AABECS for this service.

6. Connect with other Aspirants and Students

While preparing to gain admission, it’s necessary to connect with those already in the school, especially the course you wanted to study and also gain insights with them, if you’re unable to connect with them online, you can visit the department in the school. You can also join aspirants WhatsApp group to stay updated on the admission process. One such group I can recommend is OAU Aspirants and Students Group by Senator on Facebook. You can connect with aspirants and Students through the group.

7. Join Our WhatsApp Group

Apart from staying updated by putting on browser notifications for this website, you can also join our WhatsApp group for aspirants willing to study Medical courses at College of Health Sciences, OAU or this group for general OAU Aspirants, to stay updated and connect with like-minded individuals.

OAU Direct Entry Aspirants

For direct entry applicants, those who are applying using first degree certificates are to prepare their transcripts and send it to the admissions office during the admission period. For JUPEB students, especially those vying for College of Health courses can also prepare for Post UTME test, as test was conducted for this category of applicants during the last admission session (Batch A).

Overall, preparing adequately for the Post UTME by checking the last cutoff mark, calculating your aggregate, getting the right materials, joining a tutorial and connecting with other aspirants is essential and will boost your chances pf gaining admission to Obafemi Awolowo University, irrespective of how high your JAMB UTME score is.

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A. A. Badmus

A. A. Badmus is a seasoned Educational Consultant that assist students in processing admission into schools in India and Nigeria. Currently studying Nursing at OAU Ile-Ife and passionate about serving accurate and timely information to admission seekers as well as students at large. I write about Education, Tech and Health.

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