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How to Check NECO/NECO GCE Results Online with Your Phone

Congratulations on completing your Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE) with the National Examinations Council (NECO) in Nigeria! Now, it’s time to check your results online, and we’re here to make it super easy for you, just like checking your WAEC results. So, follow these steps, and let’s get started on checking your 2023 NECO result online using your phone.

UPDATE: February 25th, 2024
2023 NECO GCE Results is now available online.

Step 1: Get Your NECO Result-Checking Token

Before you can check your NECO results, you’ll need something special – your NECO Result Checking Token (commonly called result checker). This token is like your golden ticket to see your results online. You can grab one from this link on our website. You will pay a sum of money to buy the token, once that is done, move to step 2.

Step 2: Visit the NECO Result Checking Portal

Now that you’ve got your ticket (the Result Checking Token), go to the NECO result-checking website at On this page, you’ll spot four fields waiting for your input: “Examination Year,” “Examination Type,” “Token,” and “Registration Number.”

Step 3: Pick Your Exam Type

Choose the type of exam you took from the drop-down list. For example, if you did your NECO with the same school you graduated from, select “SSCE internal” exams. While “SSCE External” means NECO GCE. Be careful not to select the wrong examination type.

Step 4: Select the Year of Your Exam

After picking your exam type, it’s time to choose the year of your exam. You can select any year from 2000 to the current year e.g. 2023.

Step 5: Enter Your Token and Exam Registration Number

In this step, enter your Result Checking Token which you purchased earlier and Exam Registration Number in the provided spaces. It’s crucial to double-check your details, including your examination number and the year of the examination.

check neco result

Step 6: Click the “Check Result” Button

Click the “Check Result” button, and voila! If you’ve entered everything correctly and the result is available, your NECO scores will appear on the screen. You can print them out or save them for future reference. And just like that, you’ve successfully checked your NECO results online!

Common Problems and Solutions on Checking NECO Results

  1. How Many Times can NECO Token be Used?

Answer: 5 times by a single candidate.

  1. Can I use same NECO Token to check my NECO and NECO GCE Results?

Answer: No, You will need another token to check NECO GCE results.

  1. Error while checking result: Invalid Token Supplied

Answer: Reconfirm the token is correct and try again, if problem persists, buy a new NECO Token.

  1. Error: No result available

Answer: Either the result has not been released or the registration number is wrong.

What Next After Checking NECO Results from NECO Portal?

Here are some things to do after you have seen your NECO/NECO GCE Results

Save the result file as PDF

Do well to save your results as PDF on your phone or laptop, not screenshot so that it will be easy to access or print out anytime you need it. You can save as PDF if you download directly using Opera browser, save as PDF using the “Share to Printer” function on your Chrome browser or use Print as PDF function if you’re checking with a Laptop. You can also print it out on paper. Click here to watch a video tutorial on saving your file as PDF on Phone.

Upload Your Results to JAMB Portal

If you are seeking Admission into a University or any school that requires JAMB this admission year, you must upload the NECO results (or WAEC) to JAMB CAPS portal before you can be offered admission. You can reach out to us to do this or visit the nearest CBT Center.

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We hope this guide has been helpful to you. You can connect with us via Live Chat or use the Comments section for further questions. We wish you the best. – A. A. Badmus Educonsults

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