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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on OAU Pre-Degree Programme

The registration for 2023/2024 OAU Predegree Programme has commenced and interested candidates are hereby invited to purchase the form. However, there are certain things some people do not know or understand about Pre-Degree and it will be best to know before one proceeds to register. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the OAU Pre-Degree Programme.

ALERT: 2023 Predegree Application form is now available online. 

What is OAU Predegree?

OAU Predegree is a 9-month remedial programme that is open to students who have completed their Secondary School Education and are willing to gain admission into Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State.

Predegree as a remedial programme is structured to cater for the following:

  • Bridging the gaps or lapses in the knowledge a student has acquired in their O’level programme.
  • To assist, prepare and impact necessary knowledge required for secondary school graduates to fit into the university environment.
  • Preparing them for degree courses they would like to study in the institution.

Candidates who take the Pre-Degree Programme are presented to OAU for admission consideration into 100L degree courses. Predegree is different from JUPEB or IJMB which is an advanced level program to gain admission into 200 Level in a University.

Can I use OAU Pre-Degree to Study in Another School?

No! Pre-Degree final results can only be used to gain admission into degree courses at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

How many years is Pre-Degree Results valid for?

The Pre-Degree result only lasts for one admission year and can be used to gain admission to study any degree course in OAU.

Which Courses are Available at OAU Predegree

Like I mentioned earlier, predegree students are able to study any course that matches their subject combination in OAU. In the second contact, students will pick their course of choice and will be offered admission after meeting the cutoff mark for the course. Check the list of OAU Degree Courses here.

Do I need to do JAMB for Pre-Degree?

Gaining admission into Pre-degree Programme only requires your O’level result. However, Pre-Degree students are required to write JAMB UTME during the programme, as UTME is among the admission criteria into degree courses in OAU. This implies that you will write UTME after you have been admitted into the Pre-degree programme, this UTME is added to your Predegree and O’level scores to determine your admission into Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU).

How is the OAU Pre-Degree Programme structured?

As stated earlier, the programme will run for 9 months, split into two (2) contacts; first and second contacts, more like semesters but it is called contact. During each contact, a test and exam are done at specific times of the contact as will be stated in the calendar. These scores will be added together at the end of the programme to determine your Pre-Degree final score.

Do I need to do Post UTME?

Pre-Degree students have options to gain admission via 2 entries; Pre-Degree results or Post UTME results. This means, that doing post-UTME is optional and you may choose to write the Post UTME test or not, however, pre-degree students must register for Post UTME in order for their data to b available for admission on OAU portal.

Important Note

Please note that Pre-Degree Students are not yet undergraduate students of Obafemi Awolowo University, and the Pre-Degree Programme is being managed by Centre for Distance Learning, OAU, Moro, Osun State and this is the same place where the campus is situated.

How Sure Is Admission to OAU via Pre-Degree?

Being a beneficiary of the OAU Pre-Degree Programme, I can say the admission process is easier and more insightful than other methods, your chances of gaining admission are high, if:

  • You have a good UTME score
  • You are ready to put extra effort into the Pre-Degree Programme.

Those who didn’t meet the necessary cut-off marks are later considered for another department, this is another benefit.

Who is Pre-Degree Advisable for?

Pre-Degree is advisable for fresh secondary school graduates who are willing to gain admission to OAU, or any other schools offering this program, and also, students who are willing to get adequately prepared for degree courses in the university as well as those with very low UTME scores.

Can I use my previous UTME result with my PD score?

No, since UTME results cannot be used for more than 1 admission year, only the UTME done during the year of admission is valid, which means if you enrol for 2023/2024 Pre-Degree, you must register for 2024 JAMB UTME and sit for the exam, because your admission to OAU will be determined in 2024.

How is Admission into OAU determined for Pre-Degree Students?

Admission into OAU for Pre-Degree students is determined using 3 criteria, which are: UTME Results, Pre-Degree Results and O’level Results, Click the link below to read more about this process.

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How Much is OAU Pre-Degree School Fees in 2023?

The OAU Pre-Degree School fees for males is about ₦322, 500 and ₦352,500 for females payable via the student portal and in a maximum of two instalments in 60:40 ratio. This payment also includes accommodation (this implies that Pre-Degree students stay in School Provided Hostel – Compulsory) and ₦5,000 is paid for Medicals. These fees cover the whole year and no other payment is required.

Is there an Entrance Examination to OAU Pre-Degree?

Yes! An entrance examination is scheduled in batches to test those willing to go through the OAU Pre-Degree Programme. The cutoff mark for this exam is about 40/100. The entrance exam is now virtual with 30-40 questions based on your subject combination.

OAU Predegree form 2023

How can I apply for the Pre-Degree Programme.

The application form for the 2023/2024 OAU Pre-Degree is now available online, you can consult us on 08061783878 or chat us via the WhatsApp button below to apply.

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