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How to Become a Mathematics Genius

Mathematics is the love language of nature. The reason why mathematics is so important is that it is used in our “everyday living”. From knowing two plus two equals four to advanced maths. For example, calculating the probability your favourite football team would win a game. This is why it’s not just important to physicists or  Mathematicians although, many people consider it to be a very difficult subject. In this blog post, we will bring to light some things to do that will make you become a math genius overnight.

I’m about to say something and probably many people would not believe me but arguably, mathematics is the easiest thing to do. Some might have a more analytical mind than others, but persistence and patience are all you need. This is the secret to studying mathematics and becoming a genius in mathematics.

I’d say this now. You can’t cram a semester’s worth of Mathematics Materials within a week. I am not here to teach you magic although I do know some tricks up my sleeve hehehe literally.

If you’ve ever studied mathematics well, you’d realize that one concept leads to another or one formula leads to another. This just shows how everything is in a sequence. So the first rule to success in mathematics is to practice consistently – this is what math geniuses understand. Now, let’s talk about other important things you need to know:

Learn the basics first

As I have explained earlier. Everything in mathematics is a process. If you want to fully understand the concept of C, you should learn the concept of B as B leads to C. For example, for one to excel well in simultaneous equations, one must master the use of multiplication and division, as well as algebra in relation to other tools needed.

Two hours of extra sleep is almost always a more efficient use of your time than two hours of studying when you are tired or sleepy.

Recreate your environment

Mathematics is all about precision. It requires more focus than any other subject. Start with a clean organised environment. Your external environment affects your internal state of mind. So when you need to be organized, first organize your immediate environment.

Also remove all distractions such as watching TV, social media, playing video games, smartphone notifications, and so on. You don’t want a situation where your a in the midst of a breakthrough and a notification beaks that thought process.  Mathematics requires concentration. When you can concentrate on something, you usually can learn the information more quickly and effectively. You also remember it efficiently Hence, it is very important that you have a distraction-free study zone.

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Understand not memorize

The main goal of studying math is to understand, not memorize, the material. Try to understand each concept, work on it and look at each question from a different angle. When given a question you don’t understand, you can memorize the formulas and rules to solve the math problems. But don’t memorize every step in the solution. You should be able to explain why A is equal to B.

Teach others

This is a universal method to understand a subject better and mathematics is not excluded. Teaching math can be hard but when you are properly able to explain those components, this shows that you have fully mastered it.  If you stumble a little in your explanation of some particular concept, that is a great way to diagnose and pick out areas you can work on.

Get equipped with good materials

I don’t think one should be told of this but “knowledge is key”. To get adequate knowledge, you will need a reliable source of information. Try to get your hands on as many good resources as possible. Ranging from hardcover textbooks, notes, YouTube videos, and lectures, to e-books, etc. You also need a Mathematics dictionary. Dictionaries play an important role in the development of vocabulary and in connecting words with their true or multiple meanings. Creating a mathematical dictionary helps you understand the concepts and make better connections.



Let’s be honest here unless you’re gifted at mathematics, math requires lots of practice- every single day. This really adds up to your mathematics problem-solving skills. This also grows your retention skills. Practicing daily problems helps you get along with the concepts and boost your understanding of the topics.

Review your errors

Now, this is a very important factor in learning mathematics. As you practice mathematics, it is expected that you shall come across several instances where your solutions to the questions are not correct and you have to approach the question with a different method. Highlight where you are wrong, analyze your mistakes and understand the concept being used to solve a question and why they are using it.

You understand something when it is so obvious to you that you start to think that you should have discovered it.

Because math is mainly about critical thinking and problem-solving, there might be instances where it would be hard solving your questions. Here are a few tips:

  • If you don’t understand a question, go back to the topic before moving on to the next topic
  • Work on example problems that have been solved and check your answers to gain practice.
  • Two hours of extra sleep is almost always a more efficient use of your time than two hours of studying when you are tired or sleepy.
  • Sometimes the best way to make progress on a problem is to take a break, work on something different, or sleep on it.

I hope this helps mathematics lovers and people who are looking to become a genius in mathematics

Good luck!

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