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What Is The Student Visa Process For Overseas Education?

If you are a study abroad enthusiast and looking for more information to pursue your foreign education dreams, this is for you. Like all travelers and tourists, you need a visa to go abroad for the purpose of education at a foreign university. Studying abroad is one of the latest fads, or should we say that things are easy now rather than before.

A decade ago, there were only a handful of students who went abroad to study. And most were from affluent families, where there were many foreign returnees. So, they already had some information handy. However, the times have changed a lot, and for the better. Today, you will see every other boy or girl planning to pursue their higher education dreams abroad. The availability of the study abroad consultants has made matters easy.

Student Visa Overview

As the name suggests, a student visa facilitates a student to go abroad and study. It is very important that you get one if you have applied to a foreign university for education. Every country has different immigration laws, so the requirements and eligibility will differ from one to another, to know the specific requirements of the country you are travelling to, you will need to visit the country eembassy’s website. For example, Indian student visa webpage. It is not possible for a first-generation student going abroad to find out all the details by themselves. The study abroad consultants in Nigeria will make it easy for you and your parents. Get consolidated information in one go. You can even compare the information and get the best results out of it.

There are lots of things that students have to keep in mind while planning to pursue higher education abroad. Admission deadlines, scholarships and deadlines, and arrangement of funds to pay the fees. Add to it the visa, and you will be famished. You have to work backward from the deadlines. Moreover, many countries require you to appear for eligibility tests. Thus, all students should start preparing at least six months in advance.

Student Visa As Per Duration Of Course

You must be well-informed about the guidelines that differ from country to country, university to university, and course to course, as well. Most countries divide the categories into short-term and long-term visas. If you are planning to do a vocational course, certificate course, or diploma, you will probably be categorized under short-term. Long-term visas are for students who are pursuing graduation or post-graduation or Ph.D. The best study abroad consultants in Delhi will help you with all the information and related application assistance. Moreover, you can also connect with the best overseas education consultants in Delhi for country-wise information. Then, you can start segregating all the documents slowly.

The student visas are also classified according to the courses. The various programs on offer are undergraduate courses, master’s, Ph.D., vocational, diploma, exchange students, and more. Ultimately, these are also linked to tenure.

Documents Required for Student Visa

According to the best overseas education consultants in Nigeria for UK, Canada or India the first document that everybody needs to go abroad is a passport, and that too a valid one — So, even if you have not applied yet, get an international passport ready. Some countries need you to have six months of validity, while others need validity till the end of the course. Moreover, the passport should have a couple of pages for stamp and visa. You also need proof of a bona fide student. This includes confirmation of admission to a foreign university. Additionally, you also need to show the visa authorities, sufficient proof of funds. For the same purpose, you need to show them your financial statements and prove that you will be able to support yourself for the tenure of the course.

To cap it all, your academic documents, you should have them well packed and ready, including your certificates and testimonials, this we have noted to be one of the reasons for delay in student visa approval. The best study abroad consultants in Nigeria will help you to unearth all the details regarding the same. Proving your language proficiency is a must as well, if you are applying to UK other countries that require such. Most of the courses are conducted in English, so you have to show scores on tests like IELTS, TOEFL or PTE, however, you will not need this if you are applying to India or some places in Canada. This requirement also differs from one place to another.

The process of application for students may be online or offline. So, that is another area, that the study abroad consultants can help you with. Sometimes, you might also need a visa extension. Studying in a foreign place and taking care of all the formalities may be tough. So, you should consult and depend on Consultants for these formalities.

You should start the process as soon as you get the letter of acceptance from the university. For all else, ask AdmissionCompanion.



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