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We Interviewed Peace, Our Student at PCTE, India – Here’s What She Has To Say

Peace is a student from Nigeria who gained admission to PCTE Group of Institutes, India late June 2022 and eventually travelled to India on October 31, 2022. Her admission offer and processing as handled by A. A. Badmus Educational Consultancy Services. Here’s our exclusive interview with her anchored by Prince Yusuf of AABECS.

Interviewer: Hello! How do you do?

Student: I’m good.

Interviewer: I’m Prince Yusuf from AABECS. Can we meet you?

Student: I’m Friday Peace, a student at PCTE Group of Institutes Ludhiana.

Prince Yusuf: Alright. What course do you major in at PCTE?

Peace: I’m a student of Medical Laboratory Science in PCTE, I’m in my first year, second semester.

Prince Yusuf: That’s very nice. So how did you find out about PCTE?

Peace: I got to know about PCTE through A A Badmus Educational Consultancy

Prince Yusuf: That’s really nice. 😁 How will you say AABECS handled the admission process? Like a rating or review, sort of?

Peace: He did a really good job, in the long run, I wanted to give up, but, he didn’t let me give up… he gave me all assistance I needed, I was able to communicate with some people from PCTE which made my hopes high. I’ll say he should keep on doing what he knows how to do best.

Prince Yusuf: AABECS definitely will because we offer the best.

Prince Yusuf: What inspired you to study abroad and why did you choose India and PCTE?

Peace: First off all, my career inspired me to study abroad, I had actually made some research about the best countries to study a medical related course, and India was one of it. During the strike last year in Nigeria, I got fed up, and I started making enquiries about schools abroad, and fortunately, I came across your status about PCTE and I decided to go for it, coupled with the fact that it’s in India.

I also picked PCTE because you don’t have to spend the regular 5 years to study a medical course, it’s just 3 years and you’re done.

Prince Yusuf: Wow! That’s really nice. I know everybody wants to study abroad. 😁

Peace: Maybe.

Prince Yusuf: So, what’s your favorite part of studying in PCTE and why?

Peace: I love the culture, they also take us on trips.

We have international students week, which would be very nice, though I haven’t experienced it, and I trust it to be nice.

Prince Yusuf: Wow. That’s some nice way to treat the foreign students. That suggests PCTE has high regard for their international students.

Peace: Yeah, they do.

Prince Yusuf: How will you say your studying at PCTE or India has impacted your personal and professional growth?

Peace: It has in many ways, I’ve been able to interact with different people from different countries, even the Indians also… and there’s really lot of changes in the past 4 months I’ve been here.

One thing I’ll say is that PCTE would make you be a good competitor, because you’d meet people who are very brilliant.

And PCTE has made me an outspoken person, being able to speak in front of people without being shy, because you know the confidence is there.

Prince Yusuf: That’s really good. That shows there’s a lot of progress.

Peace: There is.

Prince Yusuf: How did you navigate through the cultural differences over there. You know, new culture, new environment, new weather. How were you able to adapt to all of it?

Peace: I worked with what works for me. The weather was a big problem, but I overcame that, it was just a matter of time. And about the cultural differences, its not a problem for me, because meeting people of different culture, races etc… is actually fun, it makes you learn more.

Prince Yusuf: Alright. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far while studying at PCTE? How did you overcome it?

Peace: At first I found it difficult to hear what the teachers are saying because of their accent, but, I just had to change my sitting position and also move closer to people who are doing well in class… and I learnt to ask questions in class whenever I don’t understand.


And also the food… though, I haven’t overcome that yet.

Prince Yusuf: 😅 That surely will be a bit difficult to overcome.

Prince Yusuf: What’s the academic structure in PCTE like?

Peace: Like I said I’m a student of MLS, which is one of the best medical courses… on Wednesdays, we go for trainings… and we do practicals also in school.

My course Is a three years course and we do 6 months internship in 3rd year.

There’s also pharmacy and many other courses.

Prince Yusuf: Makes sense.

Peace: Yeah.

Prince Yusuf: So what advice will you give to people who are considering studying in PCTE or abroad generally?

Peace: They should go with what their heart wants, and when they get here or any other place, they should learn to be who they are and also know the reason why they went there, its not about what you see people doing, it’s about what you want… and how to work on your dreams.

Prince Yusuf: “It’s not about what you see people doing, it’s about what you want”. That’s a good one.

Prince Yusuf: And finally, how has studying abroad influenced your view about life and people?

Peace: It made me realised that, there is more to life when you expose your self to new things, new people. Isolating one’s self, it wouldn’t make one’s dreams come true, but, when you go out and see a different aspect of life… you’d definitely have an edge over a lot of people.

Peace: Most especially, connection comes when you meet different people, you don’t know where God has placed that person who’s going to be of help to you… God, just needs you to go to where that person is.

Prince Yusuf: You’re very right. In all, God’s plan is the best.

Prince Yusuf: Thank you so much for your time, and for making this interview a good one.

Peace: You’re welcome.

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Thank you for reading the interview with Peace, a student from Nigeria studying at PCTE Group of Institutes in India. It was interesting to hear about her experience studying abroad, the role A.A. Badmus Educonsults played, the challenges she faced, and how she overcame them. It’s great to see that PCTE has a high regard for their international students and provides opportunities for cultural exchange. I wish Peace all the best in her studies and future endeavors

We also say happy birthday to Peace. Long life, success and prosperity.

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