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Procedure for Online and Physical Registration of Newly Admitted Students in OAU

Congratulations to you on the success of your admission into the great Ife, Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, Osun State. The new journey begins, below is a list of the next steps to take after accepting your admission on JAMB CAPS before you can resume and things to do when you resume as regards freshers registration. Ensure to read to the end.

Printing of JAMB Admission Letter

Once you accept admission on JAMB CAPs, you’ll be required to make payment on the JAMB portal to print your JAMB admission letter. For those who were transferred to another course, they’ll be required to change the course at an accredited CBT center to the new course before they can print the admission letter. After this, you’ll be on lookout to know if the next step has started.

Activation of Freshers Registration Portal

Once a candidate accepted admission on JAMB CAPs, he/she waits for some days for the school ICT to upload their data on the students’ portal (OAU eportal). This process takes some days, and once the name shows on the portal, the candidate can proceed to make payment for school fees and also do online registration. At this time, you’re now a bona-fide student of OAU.

How to Confirm Your Name on OAU eportal as a Fresher

  • Visit
  • Click on “Continue to Eportal”
  • Click on “Check 2022/2023 Admission Status”
  • Enter Year “2023”
  • Enter your JAMB Registration Number
  • Click on “Submit”

Your name will show up with your picture and course if your data has been uploaded to the portal. Having confirmed this, let’s move to the next step.

Payment of School Fees

Before anything is done further, you must pay your school fees to have access to other forms on your portal. The school fees can be paid in full and instalments i.e half the amount first then the other amount later. The remaining half can be paid in either first or second semester. This means you’ll be able to proceed with registration when you pay at least half of your school fees. Please note, OAU DOES NOT PAY ACCEPTANCE FEE.

How to Pay OAU School Fees

  • Visit
  • Click on “Continue to Eportal”
  • Click on “Newly Admitted Student Login”
  • Login using your JAMB Registration number and Surname as password – select session and “Harmattan” also known as First Semester. You’ll be prompted to change your password to a new one.
  • The payment page comes up afterwards. Select the type of payment you want to make.
  • Enter your email address and make payment using REMITA payment at bank or using your ATM card. You can also chat us to handle this process for you.

Once we paid school fees successfully, let’s go to the next step, which is as follows:

Balloting For Hostel

Allocation of hostel bedspaces is on a first come first served basis just like the school did for Batch A students. Once school fees payment is done, a page will come up to allow you ballot for hostel space. Select whether you’re male or female and submit. If granted ” a notification on the page will say “Congratulations, your bedspace allocation has been granted”, if there’s no space again, the response will be “available bedspaces has exhausted”

However, this bedspace is not yours completely until you do the next step, which is payment.

How to Pay for OAU Accommodation/Hostel Fee

You’ll be required to pay a fee of ₦30,000 to confirm your bedspace allocation. Follow these steps:

  • Visit
  • Click on “Continue to Eportal”
  • Login to your portal as explained earlier.
  • Click on “Payment Activities” >> “Pay with Remita”
  • Select “Accommodation (Freshers)”
  • Enter your student email, select payment method and make payment.

After this, proceed to start online registration process. You can also consult us to handle these processes for you. We’d be glad to assist.

Online Clearance/Registration

As a newly admitted student, you’ll be required to register your data on the student portal. You also be required to submit some documents for your physical registration. To do these, We provide the list of all documents you’ll need for both processes.

  • 8 passport photographs (sky blue background)
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Olevel Result or A’level Result (WAEC, NECO, JUPEB)
  • Certificate of Origin.
  • JAMB Result.
  • JAMB Admission Letter.
  • Post UTME Result or Equivalence.

Having all of these, you’d be required to scan your passport photograph (skyblue background) and upload it to your portal. you must also upload your signature and Birth certificate. all of these are compulsory to do.

Then you can proceed to fill the Verification of Particulars, MIS2 Form, Certificate Form, the Health Bio-Data Form, Health History Form.

OAU campus

Upon completion of filling the forms, you’re required to download a Clearance Certificate document. This document contains proof of payment of school fees and Hostel fees. It will be required at the Health Centre, your Department, Faculty, Hostel and ICT Centre. Then you’re to also download your Bedspace clearance, Accommodation Agreement form, MIS2 Form Summary Report, Online Screening Summary Report, Health Centre Biodata Form Summary and Health History Summary, Certificate Form, Admission Status.

Resumption of Freshers

Although Batch A students have resumed, any fresher amongst Batch B who has completed the online registration is eligible to resume to the hostels, although an official resumption date may be announced for batch B students.

Upon resumption, if you are able to get school hostel the wardens at your several halls of residence will charge you a certain sum. It varies by hostels and you’re required to pay, then do hostel registration by submitting the hostel related documents: Clearance Certificate, Bedspace clearance, Accommodation Agreement and Hostel Rules with Passport. Make sure you keep your hall passes and don’t misplace it!

Health Centre Registration

This place is always crowded, you’re required to complete the registration process and keep the health center card. You’re to take along a copy of your Clearance Certificate and Health Centre . Biodata FormYou’re to complete the following tests;

  • Blood and Urine.
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG).
  • Eye Test.

The Health Centre is opened between 10:00am and 2:00pm on Mondays to Thursdays for students. It is necessary to complete all tests then you’d be required to submit the test results at the Students Health Records Room in the Health Centre.

Freshers Orientation

It’s unlikely the School Authority will conduct another orientation program make sure to attend when announced, there could be School, Faculty or Departmental Freshers orientation too.

Faculty Department Registration

Registration of students at the faculty level is done by the faculty secretaries of the school, and do not require any payment, although some faculties charge for it. You’ll be required to submit the documents we mentioned earlier, arranged in a specific format and put inside 3-4 brown folders. People in your department who are seniors will assist you with this process in terms of organization. They’ll also be the one to send you the notification of when it’ll hold. This process takes 1-3 days.

Departmental: You’d be required to complete a profile registration at your various departments, with your departmental association i.e the program you’ve been admitted to do. e.g Political Science (₦10000), this price varies per department.
The documents needed will be sent on your various departmental group chats.

ICT Training for Freshmen

The details on how the ICT training will be communicated to you. Batch A was required to complete a 4 of 5 days training program. Batch B students will also be required to take the 5-day training.

A lesser duration taken will deny you the approval to print the ICT training certificate on your portal. then you must do it next year if not done the initial year. This process is as compulsory as others.

Online Course Registration for Freshers

The course registration is open to all Batch A at the moment but they are not allowed to select their Special Elective Courses due to the delay with the Batch B Admission Processes. There are possibilities you’ll be able to do course registration with online registration process.

To do course registration, login to the eportal, and click on Register courses. Please note, ask your seniors which course to register before attempting course registration. The minimum units you can register is 15 while the maximum is 24. Once exceeded, you won’t be able to submit. You are also to do special electives (subordinate courses, 12 units before graduation), these electives are competitive because only 2000 students can register for each of them per semester and it’s the reason people rush to the portal when course registration is open.

Lectures Time Table

This varies by Departments and Faculties, when available, your calss representative will communicate with you. As of this moment, lectures have not started for freshers but has started for other classes. We wish you the best and welcome you to Great Ife.

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