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OAU Predegree/JUPEB Online Entrance Examination Date and Exam Guidelines

The management of Centre for Distance Learning, Obafemi Awolowo University, Moro (OAUCDL) which houses the OAU Predegree and JUPEB Programmes has announced that this year’s Predegree and JUPEB entrance examination shall be conducted online without the need for the candidates to visit the school premises. This guide explains what aspiring predegree and JUPEB candidates need to know about the online entrance examination.

This 2023 will mark the first time OAU Predegree and OAU JUPEB entrance examinations will be done virtually, recall that the OAU Post UTME Aptitude test is being done online in the last 3 years. However, most candidates and parents are confused about how to go about the examination, read on as we guide you through the online examination process.

UPDATE (13th December):
Application is still open.

OAU Predegree/JUPEB Entrance Examination Mock Test

Candidates who have applied for 2023 OAU JUPEB or OAU Predegree have been invited to participate in the mock test which will hold a few days before the entrance exam. Candidates can confirm the date by login into the exam portal a few days before the entrance exam. This is to assist the candidates in preparation for the examination and to ensure they are able to set up the needed tools for the examination and follows the examination guidelines.

How to Login to the Exam Portal

The OAU Predegree/JUPEB Entrance Exam holds online. To write the exam, candidates are to follow these instruction:

  • Visit
  • Enter your username which is registration number (application number) without / (example: pre01234 or jup01234)
    Note: Your exam number is on your registration slip or can be found on your portal.
  • Enter your surname as password (typed in small letters)
  • Login and click the appropriate exam box to start.

OAU Predegree and JUPEB Entrance Examination Date 2023

The next batch of OAU Predegree main entrance examination shall hold online on 11th January 2024. JUPEB form has closed on 18th November, 2023

Application is still open until entrance examination day and you can contact us to apply.

Guideline for Writing OAU Predegree/JUPEB Virtual Entrance Examination

As we have it for other standard exams like OAU Post UTME which are done virtually, below are the guidelines and requirements for writing OAU Predegree and JUPEB entrance examination:

  1. The Candidate is advised to have RELIABLE INTERNET CONNECTION before attempting the online
  2. All activities of the Candidate will be MONITORED AND RECORDED for the duration of the screening
  3. The Candidate will not be able to start the screening exercise without a webcam and microphone
    enabled device.
  4. Recommended devices include – laptop/notebook computers, tablets (minimum of 10 inch screen).
  5. The Candidate MUST NOT cover their webcams during the period of the screening. INABILITY TO
    SEE the candidate at any time during the screening WILL result in disqualification.
  6. The Candidate’s face must be visible throughout the duration of the screening.
  7. The Candidate MUST NOT USE a MOBILE PHONE for the screening.
  8. The Candidate MUST NOT leave his/her sitting position once the screening exercise begins.
  9. The Candidate WILL NOT be permitted to take any form of breaks during the period of the screening
    exercise (e.g. access to food, toilet breaks, etc).
  10. The Candidate MUST NOT receive any assistance during the period of the screening exercise.
  11. The Candidate MUST NOT open any other browser tab or application during the screening
  12. All Candidates will be provided with an on-screen CALCULATOR.
  13. The duration of the screening exercise is 60 minutes.
  14. The Candidate’s time begins to count when the start button is clicked.
  15. In the event that your time lapses, your screening exercise responses will automatically be
  16. The Candidate MUST comport him/her self appropriately.
  17. Any Candidate that violates any of these guidelines will be DISQUALIFIED.

Recommended Computer Hardware and Software for the Exam

a. Candidates are required to use a smart computing device that has a functional Webcam, Microphone and Speaker.
b. Microsoft Windows 10 + activated ANTI-VIRUS or its equivalent (MacOS, Android) is recommended.
c. The following WEB browsers are recommended: Google Chrome (86), Mozilla Firefox (84) or later


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Can I do the Entrance Exam at Home or Cafe?

Yes, you can in as much the guidelines above are followed, and the requirements are met in terms of computer. You can also reach out to us at A. A. Badmus Educonsults if you need assistance in terms of getting a system and conducive environment to write the examination, especially if you are in Ile-Ife.

For further questions related to OAU predegree, please click here to read the answers to frequently asked questions on the programme. To know more about JUPEB programme, click here.

Lodging Complaints Related to OAU Predegree/JUPEB Exam

Kindly send all complaints to All complaints will be treated in accordance to its merit, and if anyone needs rescheduling, you will be notified before the new date.
When sending the mail, please follow the format below:
Full Name:
Examination No:
Subject combination:
Phone No (WhatsApp):

Video Explanation of OAU Predegre/JUPEB Online Exam Guidelines

To apply for OAU Predegree or OAU JUPEB Programme or write the exam with us, consult us via the WhatsApp button below:

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